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Outstanding taste

First was introduced to the product at Lady Lake Outdoor Market. Awesome on just about everything. Went back north, ran out and found it on Scovilled website.

It very sweet tasting

This sauce is delicious and very hot 🥵 not sure how many scovilles the rebooted is but it's plenty for most people I am sure.( We had a guy eat a tablespoon of it for a bet. I'd say it was very interesting to say the least.)

Good flavor, dont over do it

I've put this in encheladas and a jar of pickles so far. Has alot of heat will make you sweat but also a good flavor if used in moderation. Going to do chili next

It’s getting hot

Taste great with a hella kick. On everything

It hits differently than regular hot sauce

Light blueberry flavor sneaks in with a pleasantly hot sauce. It was delicious and i will be orderering it again.

Nice and hot

Diffently hot.. use to spice up my other sauces.

So good!

I originally got this sauce because of the bottle (huge Alice fan) but the sauce is very good too! Ive out it on everything so far haha, it came quickly too.

Best on the market

My husband and family love hot sauce but nothing on the market is as good as the Arizona Gunslinger.

Delicious Pineapple Flavor!

Absolutely love this sauce! I tend to like sauces with a little bit of sweet in them, and this one hits the mark. Super yummy on eggs and really any breakfast protein.

No joke!

This stuff is hot, but excellent on pizza 😁🌶️

High heat, poor flavor

It’s immediately hot and the heat lingers but it just doesn’t taste that great. I would give it it a 4/5 for heat and a 1/5 for flavor

Out of this world!

This sauce is easily one of my new favorites. Its absolutely delicious and unlike any hot sauce I have tasted before. Its savory but sweet flavor still brings a nice amount of heat, and compliments every single thing I have tried it on. It especially pairs well with sausage, pork, and turkey. Definitely try this one if your looking for something unique.

I really like this hot sauce. One of the four bottles of hot sauce came broken. Hopefully I can get it replaced.

Hi there! Apologies again for the broken bottle, hoping the replacement we sent out made it to you safely and one piece. Thanks again for shopping with us!

The best!

I've tried many different hot sauces and this one brings out the flavor of the food with the right amount of heat.


I was so excited about this variety gift set and from thinking about the owner of Scovilled that I had to call the doctor after 4 hours.

Thumbs Down!

I thought this sauce was going to have some heat but it doesn’t, just a waste of money.

This sauce belongs in the hall of fame of sauces

Great flavor for Veg and Pasta

This sauce was an instant favorite. Its very rustic and brings the heat, but REALLY brings the flavor. Works great on vegetables and pasta, especially a mushroom based pasta.

Love the variety!

I have really been enjoying the subscription box. Getting different sauces that I haven't tried before that are based on my preferences (I tend to like more mild sauces) has been great and greatly expanded my sauce collection. I look forward to the new sauces every month and get excited when it shows up.

Great tasting sauce

It was really good. It has good heat and flavor

Absolutely amazing

Not going to lie, I believe this is my favorite hot sauce I've ever had. And I'm a pretty big hot sauce guy. Have tons from Heatonist and etc. But what a wonderful company! Anything to support an amazing company that sells amazing sauces at amazing prices. I promise you will enjoy this sauce.


This sauce is for anyone who likes sweet sauces. Not a lot of heat to it, so it would be great for someone who is starting out with hot sauces.

Great taste

A great tomato base sauce with the kick from the ghost pepper and habanero. Highly recommend this